Leather Care

Understanding the Leather we use
The first part to understanding how to look after your leather product is understanding what you are taking care of! 
In all our products we use a Vegetable Tanned, Full Grain leather that has a natural milled grain from the tanning process. This is the leather we use on our products for several reasons:
it has a more natural and organic look 
it lasts a lifetime when taken care of 
veg. tanned leather is a sub-product of the meat industry
highly durable and strong
    It can however, absorb water very easily, therefore, it will stain if not dried out properly. Avoid taking your leather products out in wet weather for at least a month until the fibres have become more flexible. If any water gets on your leather product you need to gently rub the water in the leather, do not let water sit on the surface. If vegetable tanned leather absorbs too much water it can become very hard and brittle. 
    Although veg. tanned leather ages beautifully, it can transfer dye for a while, therefore we suggest you take care when light coloured leather is near dark coloured clothing and vice-versa. Veg. tanned leather darkens over time, this is normal. Leather left in direct sunlight will fade, often unevenly.
    Leather should never be stored near heat as this will dry out the leather, causing it go very brittle. 
    Our leather suppliers use a hand finished process, which can mean that the colours of the hides can vary from hide to hide, please bare this in mind when choosing your colours. 
    All our leather products are treated with a natural feed before being sent out to help with water resistance but it does not make them waterproof!
    What to use to care for your Veg. Tanned Leather product
    The good thing about veg. tan leather is that the more oils (from people handling) going in to the leather the more supple it will become. Your hands are like a natural conditioning treatment for the leather. 
    If your leather product is looking a bit dried out and dull then use a conditioning treatment. This should be done often anyway to take care of your leather - occasional use is once a year, heavy use is once every three months. 
    To clean soiled leather use a diluted mild soap, nothing abrasive. Allow to dry fully before conditioning. 
    ​Oiling your products using neatsfoot oil can help improve water resistance and helps to keep the leather supple, an added bonus to frequent oiling is that it will improve the lifespan of your leather dramatically.